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Human Evolution2
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Into the universe with Stephen Hawking

We will have a different view of the world, so we will not design our environment in space as
we did it on our planet earth now, but differently, according to our new view, melting together with our technology in the new habitat space.
Environmental conditions such as on our earth, we will not take with us into space. Will our spirit to explore inspire us further to advance into the universe? What meaning will we find in our long-lived existence? To explore the universe, to live there, to seek knowledge?

If we want to travel long distances in space, we must accelerate the future spacecraft an
appropriate long time to achieve the required high speed. In space between the star systems anyway there is no matter, practically nothing, so we can
set a navigation and program the direction of our flight. Condition for that is that we have solved the technical problem of the propulsion and to generate the energy to drive our spaceship, and to generate energy supply for our life support in this interstellar spacecraft. Text copyright Friedrich Hornischer.


Future 2020 2200

The singularity approaches us quickly and we should embrace it. Trends are increasing
exponentially and at some point in time, a singularity will inevitably occur. These are some
very cool future projects.






Transcendent Man - Ray Kurzweil

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